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Surmise:  to think or infer without certain or strong evidence; conjecture; guess.

Can we use surmise at a noun?  If so, this blog will be full of surmises.  We will generally blog about the world of innovation, payment, ecommerce, the world of startups and early stage companies.  We may also blog on news, current events, etc.  We also extended open invitations to authors.  If you have ideas please connect with us at james@mysurmise.com.

Why would you want to read it?  I don’t know, maybe you like contemplating the future?  If you do take the time we will try to make the surmises relevent and thoughtful.  And, we are always open to feedback if it is meant as constructive.

You can follow our tweets @MySurmise.

MySurmise just went live recently (Oct. 2012).  Right now, I (James Foster) is the one and only author.  If you don’t know me personally you can learn more about my professional career at Linkedin - www.linkedin.com/in/james12150 .

As many of you already know, I have had a very diverse career.  Aerospace, compressed natural gas fuel dispensers, atmospheric measurement systems, founder of a startup, ecommerce systems and ecom/mobile payments and solutions, more startups.  I was in the military (Navy) and spent three years in Spain (great duty).  I graduated with a BA in physics from the University of Colorado and was a city councilman in Longmont, Colorado for 8 years.

But enough about us and enought about me… on with the surmising!

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