Some votes count for a lot, some are nearly worthless

It’s Election Day and I can’t help think the way we elect the president is broken.  If you are on the left, your vote is near worthless in Kansas (or any other strongly red state).  If you are on the right your vote is nearly worthless if you live in Vermont (or any other strongly blue state).

It just seems crazy, especially in America, that some votes matter and other don’t.  Literally, the candidates couldn’t care less how you vote if you are in a non-swing state.  I don’t know about you but I would like to think my vote to count for something.  The presidential election should be on direct popular vote.

Can we agree to commit to changing this obviously flawed system before the next presidental election?

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One Response to Some votes count for a lot, some are nearly worthless

  1. Nic Foster says:

    The popular vote went to Obama as well as the electoral vote. The electoral vote prevents candidates from relying densely populated areas. Wyoming’s influence would be 0.1% of the popular vote, whereas it has about six times that much influence with an electoral vote. This prevents sparsely populated areas from being large unrepresented. Also, California holds about 8% of the electoral vote, but about 11% of the popular vote. The electoral system brings a bit of balance.

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