First Post

Welcome to MySurmise, and welcome to my first post.

I started this site so there was a place I could post my ideas and musings and hopefully get some feedback.  I encourage your comments and also welcome guest posters.  If you wish to post a surmise just connect with me via the Contact Us page.

The intent of this blog is to focus on forward looking ideas and thoughts.  It will generally discuss the world of innovation, payments, ecommerce, the world of startups and early stage companys and business.  Again, I will focus on the future, but you will also find occasional discussions on news, hot topics and sometimes random musings.

Here are some topics I expect to be discussing in the future:

  • Digital Wallets – what will they look like, how will they be used?
  • The future of TV programming on the internet
  • Authentication is not innovation
  • Roping the cloud – how you will use the cloud in the future?
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) – how will it really be used?

Would these topics bring you back to this site?  Do you have suggestions of other topics?  I look forward to writing on these and other issues and to reading your thoughts as well.

Now let’s get started.

Welcome to MySurmise!

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One Response to First Post

  1. Lisa says:

    Way to go, Moe!

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